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On older systems such as Windows 7 + IE10, calling "alert()" in the PAC file would cause a dialog being shown. However, with Windows 8.1 no dialogs are displayed even if IE11 seems to be making use the PAC.

My current situation is IE11 can use the (SOCKS) proxies (returned by the PAC) just fine, but Modern UI apps are completely disconnected from Internet. It seems IE11 and Modern UI treat the PAC setting differently but I cannot find a way to debug it.

In summary, my questions are

  1. How can I debug the PAC with IE11 on Windows 8.1?
  2. How can I debug the PAC with Modern UI on Windows 8.1?
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I've ran into the same issue - neither Firefox, Chrome or IE seem to be picking up alert calls. I've used utmtools.com/PacMagic and code.google.com/p/pacparser for 'testing' purposes. –  oviava Mar 18 at 16:28

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