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I need to set up a script on a Linux machine to download files from a server using FTPS, what options do I have?

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You could use lftp it handles ftps with ease and make a "lftp-script"


debug 10
open ftps://ftp.blah.org
get <yourfile>


lftp -f lftp-script

Or use lftpget:

lftpget ftps://user:password@ftp.blah.org/path/to/file.iso
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+1 for lftp. IMO it's the best command-line ftp client around. –  cas Aug 28 '09 at 12:48

curl ftps://server.com/ or curl --ftp-ssl ftp://server.com/

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If you can't install lftp, curl seems like the only option (it's usually included as a core utility on all major distros) –  Ray May 8 at 14:07



I think it is shipped with ncftp.

EDIT: My fault, not SFTP support I think. From the NCFTP FAQ:

Q. Does NcFTP support any secure FTP modes a la SFTP/SSL/SSH Tunnels?

A. NcFTP does not have any built-in support for encryption or secure FTP of any type. We do not support any type of interaction with hacks such as FTP over SSH tunnels. We may implement a secure FTP mode at a future date, but please do not ask for an ETA.

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curlftps is your friend. It's awesome.

# emerge curlftps  (or apt-get, yum, whatever)

Then add this your fstab:

curlftpfs#myusername:mypassword@myhost.ca:/my/remote/path  /my/local/path  fuse  user,noauto,defaults,sslv3,no_verify_peer  0  0

Finally, just mount that directory on your local filesystem:

$ mount /my/local/path

And now you can cp or even rsync from one local dir to another.

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I think you meant emerge curlftpfs –  Jon L. 10 hours ago

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