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I have two hosts in a pool and I used to be able to move the vm around and they will start without any problem. But after I played around with some network setting, which I don't remember what, I started getting "This VM needs storage that cannot be seen from that server" message. As you can tell I am a beginner with Xenserver.

Here is the very simple environment: 2 host servers with their own local hard disk and network card. One is a Pool master.

Problem: Power off a vm and move vm from one server to another, or clone one vm to the other server. It used to be able to start up right away. Now, I need to delete one of the network that does not belong to the server, then it will start. Otherwise, the above error msg popup. The two networks (one for each network card in each host) are in the Networking tab of the vm, as well as in the host's networking tab.

I googled but all I got to empty the DVD drive, which is not the problem here. Thanks in advance!

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Make sure that the network interfaces' names are exactly the same on both hosts, with exact same settings. –  pepoluan May 31 '14 at 23:50

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