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Can anyone suggest best SSL VPN Gateway (Clientless 10 users)

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We use and like the Juniper SA-line of products. We recommend them to our customers.

They are not cheap, though.

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After having used the SSL VPN from Cisco (IOS & ASA), Juniper SA700, and F5. I think their their no comparison Juniper wins hands down. They do cost more but the SA700 with the upgraded feature set is great . – Jeremy Rossi Aug 28 '09 at 14:49

How about Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol on Windows 2008 Server? Works like champ and is easy to configure... Works with the built-in Networking client in Microsoft Windows...

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I implemented a SonicWall SSL-VPN 2000, which is awesome. It is clientless,but also has the option of a client that you can download from the interface. Which runs on Windows,Mac, and Linux. This version will support 50 users, but they make a 200 series that will support less.

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We are currently demoing the Barracuda SSL VPN appliance. So far, it has been going great and we will most likely purchase multiple units. One of our requirements was to use one-time passwords via SMS (essentially avoiding the cost of RSA for 2-factor authentication) and that is available with the Barracuda.

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I think the Fortinet SoHo solutions are also worth looking into. Starting with the Fortigate 50B, you get SSL VPN. Easy browser install, and very stable, from my experience.

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+1 for the Fortigate 50B. It is cost effective, easy to configure through either CLI or Web GUI and it is rock solid stable. – Chris Driver Aug 15 '10 at 19:29

I love the Cisco ASA line of products. I use them in a production environment and could not be happier. Having said this, best is very subjective and depends entirely on your interpretation and what your particular needs are.

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It only took me an hour or so of Googling and trial n error to get a fully functioning ADITO solution running. Another couple hrs to write my own user modules. For 10 or so users, it's ideal.


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I like the Juniper solution. We had the Cisco SSL VPN production before hand and Juniper is much easier to install, as well as having more features. Now, I'm taking a look at Baracuda, but at the moment, I would say Juniper Secure Access Device.

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