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RDBMS: SQL Server 2005

I am connecting to SQL Server through Windows Authentication. My account(domain\me) belong to a group, "domain\alert"

The problem is that, even after denying a select permission on a table(actually all permissions), I could still access that table on a new connection.

deny select on dbo.perm to [domain\me]

And one thing to note is that, the group i belong to, "domain\alert" is a dbo of database the table is located.

As far as I know, deny permission takes precedence over grant.

What permission can still be granting me a permission to select the perm table?

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From Books Online's Permissions Hierarchy: SQL Server 2005 Permissions Hierarchy
It looks like the Fixed database role takes precedence over the permissions given to a Windows Domain Login. I also was under the impression that a DENY would always take precedence over a GRANT, but I guess Fixed database role dbo trumps all.

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Thanks, Nathan. I don't think I can argue with what the official doc reads ;) It looks like it's just how it works. – Sung Aug 28 '09 at 17:51

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