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I have 2 Domain Controllers / DNS servers on Windows 2012, their IPs are and

Another server acts as the DHCP server for clients, and sets their primary and secondary DNS to the IP addresses of the previously mentioned domain controllers / DNS servers.

However I cannot resolve internet domain names, presumably as they are not hosted on the DNS servers. So my question is what do I have to do on my setup to resolve external domains?

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Edit the properties of your DNS server > Forwarders tab > enter the ip address(es) of your ISP/external DNS servers. You can use root hints if you prefer, or if the forwarders are not available. You should also confirm that the Advanced tab > Disable recursion box is unchecked.

If you want to use root hints:

  • If the DNS Server Root Hints tab is not populated, you can re-enter them from the file: %systemroot%\system32\dns\cache.dns.

  • To have your DNS server recursively resolve queries, your DNS server cannot host a root (. dot) zone.

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with windows, its point and pray. but basically, you need to ensure dns servers allow recursive queries, acls allow clients to connect, root hints are correct, and servers have internet access. tail your dns server log files while you do queries and increase verbosity level. (easier said then done on Windows). you are better of running a *nix box with ISC BIND :)

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Why would you be better off using Bind in an Active Directory domain? –  jscott Jun 1 at 16:36
The initial statement about "Windows, it's point and pray" is completely unfounded. The DNS works fine, and for the sake of this question, not very helpful. Additionally, why would you introduce the complexity of BIND in an MS centric environment as jscott mentioned? The Windows AD DNS platform is VERY stable, and for the beginner admin, has a quick learning curve. –  JimCJulsonJr Jun 1 at 17:23
@JimCJulsonJr, i guess i do not understand why one would introduce the complexity of a graphical interface for a dns server. windoze may be necessary on the desktop, but imo it is not valid for a serverside os. –  nandoP Jun 1 at 22:27
@nandoP, The OP didn't introduce anything...it's there natively, and is an integral part of Active Directory. Not using Microsoft DNS with Active Directory is like saying you should run Linux without a Kernel. The two go hand-in-hand. We aren't here obviously to debate Windows > Linux, we are here to help the OP. So for his sake, what Greg Askew posted is 100% correct, and will work flawlessly. Additionally, going forward, all hosts joined to his AD Domain will work flawlessly as well. I mean no disrespect by anything above either. Just trying to keep the posts on point. –  JimCJulsonJr Jun 1 at 23:03

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