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We are running Configuration Manager 2012 SP1 with 1 CAS server, 2 Primary's, and a SQL server. I was tasked with bringing up a 3rd Primary site and I have run into some issues. I created the DB on the SQL server and set the static ports. The "Assess Server Readiness" tool did not show any issues so I continued with the install. I selected to join the primary site to an existing hierarchy. During the install the following error came up:

5/16/2014 2:50:30 PM: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Verbose: 1 : Received error [Setup failed to configure SQL Service Broker. Possible Cause: Each Configuration Manager site must have its own SQL Server instance. Verify that the selected SQL Server instance is not in use by another Configuration Manager site.] from native code.

  • I verified nothing else is accessing this instance.

  • If I pull up the SCCM console I can see the new Primary site in the administration section and it is showing as an active site.

My question is - How do I proceed from here? Do I need to uninstall the site and start over or is there a way to pick back up from where it failed? If I try and start the install again I get the error:

5/19/2014 4:52:06 PM: ConfigMgrSetupWizard Information: 1 : Setup detected an existing SCCM installation. Currently installed version is 7804

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