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We have a shared Exchange addressbook with distribution email groups.

When someone connects to the shared addressbook, composes an email to a group, the email distribution list is empty, then the distribution list is expanded.

In troubleshooting, I noticed that when we expand the distribution list to view the recipients, most of the recipients are missing and only semicolons appear.


Further troubleshooting, I notice that when I open the distribution list with my Outlook client and click on the Update Now icon, and then go to create the email then when I expand the group the email addresses now appear.


Now, my Outlook profile is a cached profile. The shared contact list that I pulled the distribution list from is an online/non-cached shared contact list.

What I also found is that if I switched my Outlook client to be online only(not cached) the share address book lists appear properly when expanded.

Is there any way to make this list appear correctly without having to click on update now for each and every distribution list in the shared contacts list we have on the server?

I would really prefer that every time one wants to use this shared contact list, they do not have o click the update not button or switch from cached mode to make this work.


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