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I have three servers in a HA group (Xen 6.2). I've been doing some firmware updates which require rebooting so I've been shuffling VMs around to minimize disruption. One of the VMs seems to have gotten unhappy when it was moved.

When it was migrated this error appeared:

Internal error: Object with type VM and id <UUID>/vbd.xvdb does not exist in xenopsd

Followed by:

There were no servers available to complete the specified operation

When all the servers are up and running - tried to restart said VM using XenCenter. Got this error message:

Object has been deleted.VDI:OpaqueRef:NULL (with an entry for each server)

Wondering if this is recoverable somehow... and how to avoid it in the future...

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FWIW: to solve this I had to force a shutdown of the offending VM. Then I was able to restart it. Further attempts to migrate this VM have resulted in similar faults.

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