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It's 3rd days that my VPS has too many brute force attacks on exim.
Server features: CentOS 6 64-bit, CSF 7.03, DirectAdmin 1.43.3
I would like to stop these attacks. But I don't know what is the best solution for it.
I found an option in csf "SMTP_BLOCK", but I'm not sure if my customers can send email through script and outlook if I enable this option? What are other solutions for it ?

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The absolute best way to block brute force attacks against your user accounts was designed and recorded into the Exim wiki by a strong Exim user named Lena:


I personally use it on our user mail system and know of several others in the Exim mailing list who use it as well. It requires direct manipulation of the exim config file, so I'm not sure how compatible with Direct Admin it actually is. Hopefully you can find someone in the Direct Admin dev or support team who could guide you in implementing it.

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