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So am thinking about trying out Freebsd. But I heard stories that FreeBSD is really having problems with Flash, like it always crash, or it has to run through a linux emulator to get it to work ... bla bla bla...

My question therefore is: Can I install the latest Flash Plugin on FreeBSD with out any hitches?

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Since August 2009 flash 10 works with out problems on FreeBSD. You can use either linux-f10-flashplugin10 with f10 linuxulator or linux-f8-flashplugin10 with f8.

After port instalation there is some black magic with nspluginwrapper and symlinks

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Alternatively, if you install emulators/wine and use winetricks, you can easily load Firefox and Flash 10. I've found performance of Firefox+flash in wine to be superior to linux firefox+flash on either FreeBSD or Linux.

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Use this howto and you will have Flash 10 working with native browser on FreeBSD:

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