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I am running Windows 7 ultimate and im trying to manage VM's on my Hyper-V server via the MMC. I can connect to the machine, but I get the "You do not have the required permissions to complete this task. Please contact..." message.

I have used the HVRemote script and ran all of the required commands on another Windows 7 machine on my network and it worked perfect, I do the same on my machine and I get the permissions error.

For now I have disabled the firewall on my machine and the server, and still nothing. Ive rebooted both machines.

How can I adjust the permissions here? Any ideas on why the other Windows 7 machine works flawless and Im getting the error?

Thanks very much,

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A coworker was running into this issue, and had to change a DCOM permission setting. Walkthrough is here, though the issue had nothing to do with VPN in our case, this still resolved it.

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Are you 100% sure you're running the Hyper-V manager mmc with credentials that have admin access to the hyper-v server(s)? Try a "run as" by shift-right clicking on the manager icon.

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I've tried this - run as administrator, and as my user account that has admin access and no luck – barfoon Aug 29 '09 at 18:40

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