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I know this question is very specific, but I have not found any help yet.

At our office, we run a small server room with a few servers behind a ZyWall. Unfortunately, we only have one external IP at the moment, let's say

Assuming I have two server computers (lets call them server1 with internal IP and server2 with, is it possible to redirect incoming traffic by the domain name with our firewall?

For example:

  • mydomain.com (A record should be forwarded to port 80 of (server1)
  • myotherdomain.com (A record should be forwarded to port 80 of (server2)

Until now, I have only found a way to redirect all incoming traffic to port 80 of one server. But then I can only use one server as a webserver, or I would need to make users add another port to the domain?

Is it possible to achieve what I would like to do?

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