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It's covered in sphinx documents:

But after reading it,I don't think it really can achieve that.

Have you guys ever also thought of this problem?

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I think that the terms live update indexing and almost real-time are terribly misleading. Perhaps incrementally updating index is appropriate for what sphinx is really doing there.

Having said that, for my applications of interest, the biggest limitation of the delta+main solution presented is that only new data is indexed with the deltas -- previously indexed data which has been updated in the db is not flagged for re-indexing.

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This post is quite old now, however, I've come across the similar problem recently.

I use delta and main indices in my application. I use cron to schedule indices' rotations. The delta index is being updated every few minutes and the main index once a day. This updates both indices.

For example:

*/5 * * * * /path/to/indexer delta --rotate --quiet

00 7 * * * /path/to/indexer main --rotate --quiet
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