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As an authenticated Active Directory user, I can run this to get the domain GUID (objectGUID):

dsquery * "DC=lab,DC=local" -scope base -attr objectguid

I can use this command in Linux to get the domain (lab.local) SID from the domain controller labdc01 without an account (anonymously):

# rpcclient -U% labdc01.lab.local -c lsaquery
Domain Name: LAB 
Domain Sid: S-1-5-21-3869872838-1836277878-698564084

If I know the GUID, I can fetch it from DNS:

How can I get the domain objectGUID anonymously (like the SID example above)?

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By default:

You can't

With Active Directory, for any anynymous LDAP operation (apart from RootDSE binds) to succeed, you would need to:

  1. Enable anonymous binds
  2. Allow Anonymous access to public properties
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Thank you! Then I know that it is not possible via LDAP. Your reply excludes other options. Theoretically it is possible via DNS. You can get the SID without LDAP (with lsaquery) anonymously. – Mattias Ohlsson Jun 16 '14 at 18:21

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