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I have 3 DELL FS12-SC servers with a bunch of 3TB drives (issue number 1, the perc 6/i doesn't appear to support 3TB drives). I'm setting up a ceph cluster and need to run the drives in JBOD mode. The perc 6/i doesn't support that either. The best you can do is a bunch of single drive raid 0 arrays, but that's a pain in the neck if you have to replace a drive. Anyone know of a drop in replacement (these are sata drives) that handles JBOD, 3TB drives, and is reasonably priced (subjective I know)?

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It looks like that is a custom build server. I presume the perc 6/i is on the motherboard. Assuming you have an appropriate pci-e slot available, I would just add a SATA controller HBA (one which can operate in IT mode, not a "Raid" one), and connect it to the backplane.

I like LSI controllers and have been using the 9207-8i - I'm doing SAS (however they can do SATA as well) You can also look at this: ZFS SAS/SATA controller recommendations

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I ended up purchasing 3 LSI LSI00301 (9207-8i) adaptors, and for anyone else that runs into this, I also purchased 3 Mini SAS 36pin (SFF-8087) Male to SAS 32pin (SFF-8484) Female Cables to go from the new LSI card to the backplane in the server. – Brian Lovett Jun 18 '14 at 17:50

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