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What is the crontab syntax for specifying running hours/minutes based on the day of the week in a single entry?

There's a task which needs to be executed every /1 minute from Monday,01:00 to Saturday,01:00, so after specifying the days (1-6) I still have to exclude 00:00-00:59 from Monday and 01:00-23:59 from Sunday.

I don't want to keep it done with three entries instead of one; doing additional time check via some wrapper script is also not a good option.

Cron flavor: vixie-cron, could be changed to another if required.

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You can't do this cron isn't that smart as you mention you will need 3 lines

* 1-23 * * 1 task
#Tue to Sat
* * * * 2-6 task
# Sun 
* 1 * * 0 task

or something similar.

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Should be 2-6 for Tuesday to Saturday. 2,6 is Tuesday and Saturday – faker Jun 18 '14 at 13:48

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