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I have a server with a failed motherbord.
The motherboard has an embeeded Adaptec RAID controler.
The server has 3 SCSI disks in a software RAID5 array (so the RAID controller is used only as a SCSI controler, not RAID).

I want to connect the 3 disks on another machine with an Adaptec RAID controler (I only have this machine available).

Usually, when we use a RAID controler, we have to initialise the disks. So the data will be erased. Even if we only want direct access to the disks.

Is there a way to use a RAID controler without any disk initiation ? I think this heavily depend on the manufacturer, firmware, etc.

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In the Adaptec RAID Setup utility (the one you can enter during boot), it is possible to create Arrays (and JBODs) with skip initialisation. It will warn you, but this is most useful e.g. if you need to restore a failed array. It should be appropriate in your case. Don't expect the controller to get this running as a RAID5, though. Go for JBOD and restore the software RAID. – Felix Frank Jun 20 '14 at 13:21

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Current Adaptec controllers should expose disks without Adaptec raid label as JBOD by default. (Disclaimer: untested)

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