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I've some Supermicro servers with IPMI running, and as described in this blog (http://blog.cari.net/carisirt-yet-another-bmc-vulnerability-and-some-added-extras) there's a critical vulnerability to get plaintext admin passwords from any remote location.

How to check if my server motherboard is compromised?

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Simply telnet to the IPMI IP Address in port 49152 and do a specific GET request. You should get your users and passwords if you're compromised.

telnet server.example.com 49152

After the connection ask for GET /PSBlock and watch the results, it should be something like this:

Connected to server.example.com.
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /PSBlock



To solve this issue update the IPMI firmware to the latest version. The firmware is specific to your IPMI controller, so you should get the specified in Supermicro website.

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