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I have a scheduled task that I am trying to run a program (a DB backup program). For reasons unknown I am unable to actually get the program to run, even though the task log says everything was run complete on schedule.

What am I doing wrong? I've changed settings, used a UNC path to the program, tried different admin accounts, used the NETWORK SERVICE account. No success. Seems like it has to do with security permissions to run the program, but I can't solve it.

Can someone help figure out how to run this program from Task Scheduler? Thank you!

-OS: Server 2012 R2
-If I run the task while logged in (manually or on schedule while logged in), everything runs fine.
-The DB Backup Program has a log, but nothing in the log states anything even started when the task runs logged out.
-The DB Backup Program does not have a UI.
-The DB Back Program is intended to be run by the task scheduler and is run by other users around country successfully.
-The user set to run the task is a admin with full admin credentials. The task was also attempted to be run by the local built-in admin with no result.
-The program, folder and parent folders all allow permission to the admin group.

User: Admin Account
Run whether user is logged on or not
Run with highest privilages
Configure for: Vista, Server 2008
Daily, 3am, Enabled
Start a program: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rock Gym Pro\Backup.exe"
Start the task only if the computer is on AC Power
Stop if the computer switches to batter power
Allow the task to be run on demand
Stop if the task runs longer than 3 days
If the running task does not end when requested, force it to stop
3:00AM - Task Scheduler launch task "\RGP Backup" , instance "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rock Gym Pro\Backup.exe" with process ID 3496.
3:00AM - Task Scheduler started "{206e1cd6-db27-49f7-b143-ca1228f59c74}" instance of the "\RGP Backup" task for user "DOMAIN\Admin".
3:00AM - Task Scheduler launched action "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rock Gym Pro\Backup.exe" in instance "{206e1cd6-db27-49f7-b143-ca1228f59c74}" of task "\RGP Backup".
3:00AM - Task Scheduler successfully completed task "\RGP Backup" , instance "{206e1cd6-db27-49f7-b143-ca1228f59c74}" , action "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rock Gym Pro\Backup.exe" with return code 0.
3:00AM - Task Scheduler successfully finished "{206e1cd6-db27-49f7-b143-ca1228f59c74}" instance of the "\RGP Backup" task for user "DOMAIN\Admin".

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Did you give the Admin Account (that you describe above) "log on as a batch" and "log on locally" rights? –  Brad Bouchard Jun 20 at 22:28
The Default Domain Controller GPO Policy is active and has both "Allow Log On Locally" and "Log On as Batch Job" include the BUILTIN\Administrators security group, which the Admin account is a member of. –  Edgeworks Jun 20 at 23:20
Still searching for an answer. Right now I am running this task with the admin always logged in (machine locked) so that it can run daily. It won't run unless I am logged in. –  Edgeworks Jun 27 at 16:31
Sorry for the long hiatus. You mention the Default Domain Controller GPO, but unless this server that you're running the task on is a DC, then that won't apply to it; I'm assuming it is, but I have to check. So, if it's not a DC, create a new GPO that grants these rights to the user in question and scope it to the server in question and try again. Let me know when you get a chance to update/check. –  Brad Bouchard Sep 16 at 20:37

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I guess that the task is running in case there is a user logged in, and when you change the task options to 'run whenever there is a logged-on user or not', it does not.

The history logs show that the task is running, but you cannot see it running or interact the user-interface of the task, since it is set to run even if there is no user logged in.

Tasks that have user-interface should be set to run only in case a user is logged on. (Who will interact the user interface if there is no user logged in?)

Probably, this is not the answer you expect to receive :-(, but I hope it clarifies the issue.

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Thank you for the info. The task does not have a user interface. I have run this task on another server before without issue (actually about 900 different companies run this task in a similar fashion). When I tried to run it on a Server 2012 machine, it says it runs, but will not unless I am logged in. It is a MySQL backup function that runs via a Backup.exe program that is intended to be run in the background at night via task scheduler. I'm at a loss as to why it won't run unless I leave the admin account logged in. –  Edgeworks Sep 9 at 23:14

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