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I am trying to setup reporting services on a SQL server 2008 and get this error message when I try to connect to the http://localhost/reports

The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized.

  • I asked the server administrator and the IIS should be running (can't find it under administrative tools though)
  • I used the Reporting Services Configuration manager to setup reporting services and am pretty sure it is setup correct.
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In Report Services 2008 by default it uses its own built-in server, not IIS. You'll need to check in the reporting services directory on your server (its in the usual MSSQL directory in Program Files) to see the configuration files and make changes (you can also make some through reporting services configuration manager). Microsoft does not recommend installing IIS on the reporting services server.

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The SSRS log files will be in in this location too. –  Bratch Jul 9 '10 at 17:29

If you have 401 which is a HTTP error code means Unauthorized request. So your IIS is actually running :)

Here is moar to troubleshoot IIS and 401 but it would be really nice to check the logs.


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It sounds like you have the authentication methods set in IIS. Try testing it with a different browser and see if you get a log-in prompt. –  jgardner04 Sep 30 '09 at 19:01
SSRS 2008 doesn't use IIS –  glob Oct 28 '10 at 6:49

experienced the same issue with the 401: unauthorized message.

Was unable to resolve issue without restarting the reporting services service.

I have a deployment of XPe with SQL Server 2008 with Advance Services and Reporting Services installed and operating. We have noticed that every so many days (dont know exactly how many) we have to cycle the reporting services service to get the report server to serve up reports. Today we experienced a: Reporting services 2008 http status 401: Unauthorized error after attempting to log in with a successful login name and password. I cycled the service and was able to log in again and pull reports using the same login name and password. We are using the following configuration in the Report Server Configuration windows:

-Service account: Network service -Webservice url Computername:8080\ReportServer_SQLEXPRESS -It is installed in Native Mode

Any insight to this would be greatly appreciated as it is plaguing out support department and inadvertantly me since i have to go in and reset the service.

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