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OS: Tried on both win 7x64 and win8.1x64 Visual Studio version: Tried on VS 2013 (.net version 4.0 and 4.5), and VS 2010 (.net version 4.0) DB used: ACT2014Default Act version: Act! Premium Version, Hot Fix 1


It should be noted that I am creating a local C# Web Application that will access the local '.pad' file. I'm not sure if it has to do with conflicting installations of mssql server or what, with VS 2013, it had installed mssql server 2012, however VS 2010 installed mssql server 2008. The issue was present in both implementations. Both were done on clean installs on virtual machines.

Using the Default example db, I've tried to connect to the database using the basic function like so: ACTFM.LogOn(user, pass, "localhost", path);

The 'user', 'pass', and 'path' are all loaded in from my Web.config file like so:

    <add key="ACTFMPath" value="C:\Users\Public\Documents\ACT\ACT Data\Databases\ACT2014Demo.pad"/>
    <add key="ACTFMUser" value="ACTADMIN"/>
    <add key="ACTFMPass" value=""/>

I have tried two path variations, the one displayed there, and an explicitly escaped one like so:

<add key="ACTFMPath" value="C:\\Users\\Public\\Documents\\ACT\\ACT Data\\Databases\\ACT2014Demo.pad"/>

If anyone could shed some light on this, I have looked at a few posts that presented the same issue, but there really isn't much.

Thanks in advance!

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