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I'm trying to install a vpn ( PPTPD) server using digital ocean tutorial. Everything looks straightforward except that I don't know what the remoteip ip/range is. Is it something that I should look /scan from my server ? In the tutorial it says

Where localip is IP address of your server and remoteip are IPs 
that will be assigned to clients that connect to it.

I assume the localip is the Ip address that I'm using to connect to the server. However I don't know what the remoteip is because digital ocean does not support multiple Ip addresses. It is so frustrating !!!!

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You are creating a VPN. This VPN is tunneled in normal IP connections. The localip and the remoteip address are taken from RFC1918 private address spaces as per the example.

In the example the Server will have aVPN address of and it will provide VPN addresses ranging from to to connecting clients.

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