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I only have utf8 characters to put into my db so like everything in the db is utf8.

I tried 'yum install mysql mysql-server -with-charset=utf8' but it is not right.

if i install using ''yum install mysql mysql-server' i got defaut latin1 charset.

Any suggestion and help are much appreciated!

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in /etc/my.cnf


if you will use only this charset

for databases already created which use latin1 charset, do the following

alter database database_name charset=utf8;

for each table:

alter table table_name charset=utf8;

for each varchar/char type column:

alter table table_name alter column column_name charset=utf8;
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Restart mysql server after change in /etc/my.cnf – lg. Sep 1 '09 at 8:54
that goes without saying :) though I should have mentioned it, for a complete answer thanks – petre Sep 1 '09 at 10:30

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