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I've installed UnixUtils that's why I can run this kind of commands on windows.

It's executed when browsing a PHP file(http://localhost/filename.php) on windows.

The web server is Apache.

I think it should be divided into 2 steps:

1.found user of Apache threads

2.give enough permissions to that user towards "F:/tmpJob/"

I checked httpd.conf and found:

User daemon
Group daemon

But there is no "daemon" user on windows. How to find the real user of apache threads?

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1 - Look at the properties of the Apache service in the service control manager. Under the "log on" tab, it should have the user that the service runs as; it's "local system" by default.

2 - I don't know if you'd want to give the local system account that permission; you may want to change the Apache user, and give the new user the permission instead.

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