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I would like to design ISP accounting system from scratch , But my question is which one of Radius(UDP) or Diameter Protocols are better and suitable for this concept ? I think Diameter is more secure protocol ,But is Diameter have and support all of the features that ISPs accounting systems need ?

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'Design ISP accounting system from scratch' is fairly broad. Are you writing software, developing hardware, or both? There are many accounting system implementations out there already so you might describe the why and what with more specificity.

To answer the question thought, Diameter is newer and arguably has more capabilities. Note that RADIUS and Diameter are not your only choices. Regardless, take a look at this information from Cisco for more feature specific details about Diameter vs RADIUS.

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting Overview

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Thank you Will,yes i trying to write software application like "FreeRadius" but According to Diameter Protocol.Now i want to know is Diameter supporting all of important features of Radius protocol or not? –  Sensor Jul 6 at 11:43

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