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I configured a firewall rule on a dd-wrt router to redirect http connections to a shell script, and drop the remaining ports, for the unregistered range of IPs.

I am trying to tell the clients they need to manually register by the user before having access to internet, mainly in mobile phones, I already had seen it before, on the instant I had connected to the wireless network a page popped up asking for authenticate on a custom page.

I am using 307 Temporary Redirect to redirect all requests to my server's page, but I am not sure about that, I had read about 305 Use Proxy, but it seems the Location to be a proxy address, which is not that case. It is a temporary transparent proxy.

In my case it works only when the user tries to browser by itself, how can I tell the system to ask the user for the authentication on a custom page in the moment it had connected?

Here the code

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