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I am using FreeBSD 8.3 and syslog server is running on it. now i have configured my syslog server to send logs to remote server by simply adding these lines in /etc/syslog.conf file

*.notice;kern.debug;;mail.crit;                         @
news.err;local0.none;local3.none;local7.none                    @
security.*                                                      @;;                             @
*.emerg                                                         @ 

where is my remote host IP address, it's sending the logs to remote host on UDP, but I want to send logs in JSON format and on TCP. Is it possible?

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This sounds like an XY problem, now what is it you are really trying to achieve? – HBruijn Jul 9 '14 at 11:29

I wouldn't. That's not what syslog is for.

What I would suggest instead is to have a look at logstash - which is a tool for parsing syslogs and aggregating them to a database in JSON format.

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