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I'm trying to figure out how to add "mount --bind /proc/ /chroot/mysql/proc" to /etc/fstab, but how can I to do this?

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If I had a volume mounted at /media/3tb-vol1/Private/, and I wanted to bind it to /srv/Private I have a /etc/fstab like this.

/media/3tb-vol1/Private/ /srv/Private        none    bind
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The mount command accepts --bind or -o bind.

In the /etc/fstab file, you can use the following line:

/proc /chroot/mysql/proc none defaults,bind 0 0

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Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for! – Some Linux Nerd Jul 16 '14 at 23:24

I probably should have thought about this harder. While I don't see how to bind the filesystem, I can turn

mount -t proc ro /chroot/mysql/proc/


proc /chroot/mysql/proc proc ro 1 0
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