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We have been using 12.04 LTS already for a couple of years but we are considering to move to the next LTS version which is 14.04. It was released on April 2014 I so was wondering how people consider this version.

Stable Slower or faster uses less/more resources BTW we are considering the headless/server version of 14.04


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Now is a great time to consider switching distributions. See for instance Ubuntu 14.04 LTS: Why you should not use it, at all – Michael Hampton Jul 18 '14 at 11:28
@MichaelHampton But, but.. my DevOopses, they all love the Ubuntu! How can I tell all those special snowflakes we're using something else??? – HopelessN00b Jul 18 '14 at 16:36
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You can check the release notes and compare with the linux version you are using currently. If the differences makes sense to you you can switch .

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