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I am unable to export a folder using NFS.


/storage/test -maproot=nobody client
/storage/test1 -ro -maproot=nobody client
/storage/test2 -ro -maproot=nobody client

The first folder test is working fine, the other 2 i get this error:

Jul 18 11:10:40 server mountd[6499]: bad exports list line /storage/test1 -ro -maproot
Jul 18 11:10:41 server mountd[6499]: can't change attributes for /storage/test1: Invalid radix node head, rn: 0 0xfffff80092530100

The filesystem is ZFS RAID Z2.

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One cannot generate multiple mounts on the same filesystem. LINK

When using this export:

/storage/test /storage/test1 /storage/test2 -maproot=nobody client

This works, but one is unable to specify specific permissions for the folders....

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You can use the "-alldirs" parameter:

/storage -alldirs -maproot=nobody client
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