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I'm trying to migrate a service from a server to another.

It's a simple php app.

On the first server (Apache) I could request a JSON in the following way:


On the second (nginx), I should be able to do it the same way:


Both applications include an index.php that is served correctly by both web servers. However, the /apps? produce a 404 on nginx.

My guess is that Apache is doing some magic finding a php file to process the query. However, I'm quite a noob with this tools and I don't understand what is exactly happening on the Apache server and how to configure nginx to reproduce the same behavior ...

Is index.php file processed as input?

So far I tried to specify my.vhost.myOtherDomain.tld/index.php/apps?query=toto&params=aparam with little success.
And to explore Apache configuration files without much help.

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You are probably using mod_rewrite in Apache, which changes how URLs are handled by the server.

You can try:

rewrite  ^apps$ apps.php last;


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Ho god, the url rewriting... I totally forgot about this one ! – Antzi Jul 21 '14 at 6:33
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To whoever might find this post through google:

Look at the hidden .htaccess, and rewrite its rules in nginx configuration.

Some websites can translate .htaccess style to nginx style configuration !

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