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First post on this site. Seems like a nice place. ^__^

Well, installed Windows Server 2008 as our dev server. IIS works as it should, the remote desktop with TightVNC works but lags and I need to refresh everything all the time. But the real issue is with our ftp.

We're trying to use FileZilla. Connecting locally works great but when I try to connect from the same place using the external ip everything goes slow.

I can connect so the port must be open correctly but I can't do anything useful. When I open a folder to check what's inside it takes one or two minutes to get the folder open.

Any ideas why it's like this?

Cheers, nandarya.

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Does it show the same behavior in both Active and Passive FTP modes? – Will Sep 17 '09 at 15:27
Totally off topic, but why are you using VNC instead of the built-in RDP which is much faster? – Ryan Bolger Nov 12 '09 at 19:17

What's your WAN connection like? Firewall? You might want to put Wireshark on the machine with FileZilla to see what's happening.

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Make sure you've configured the built in Windows Server 2008 firewall to allow FTP through. Remember FTP is one of those problematic two-way protocols, so it takes a bit more effort to get it set up.

commands to open the firewall to typical (non-secure) FTP:

netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name="FTP (non-SSL)" action=allow protocol=TCP dir=in localport=21  
netsh advfirewall set global StatefulFtp enable
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