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We have already Samba4 AD DC which is installed via git from sources (to Fedora), and it will work fine.

Now I should add there a secondary DC to domain, but I would like to use (CentOS 6.5) distro version of Samba4 for easier updating, but is it possible? I got it to join as computer to ADS but not as DC, which is idea as it is idea to replace old server.

I have tried to find a solution, but all advices I have seen are done for git/source package installation.

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Hi! Finally found solution for this problem, since i found and installed sernet-samba-ad to new server. That made it possible to join AD as new DC, transfer all AD data, users and so on from old server. After transfer demoting old server and promoting new server to DC and voilá: system is running with all databases. –  Kari Dec 30 '14 at 15:09

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