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I have a CentOS server, that exports its /home directory through NFS. Another CentOS client machine is mounting these just fine, and using the exported home as its own home directory. Its /etc/exports reads as follows:

/home    *(rw,sync,no_root_squash,no_subtree_check)

Now I want to share a nested Documents folder with the Windows world.

On Windows Server 2008 R2 I have installed Client for NFS, and its default permissions for new files and folders are set to 755. I also have created a GPO for Folder Redirection, so that the users' Documents directories point to \fileserver\home\%USERNAME%\Documents. The users have the gidNumber and uidNumber set, and matching to the server.

Now when I log in with one of these users, the Folder redirection works, in that the Documents directory is created on or moounted from the server. But the Documents directory, and the nested directories (My Music, etc.) all have their permissions set to 555, i.e. the write bit of the owner is deleted. This happens whether I let Windows create these directories, or whether I pre-create the directories with 755 permissions on the server.

I can then change the permissions on the server, or from the Windows client, and then it works, but I want the permissions to be correct from the beginning, and for new users.

Why are the permissions changed in that way?

And is there anything I am overlooking, that I can do about that?

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