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rsync -avz D:/test

I am using cwrsync on a windows7 box rsyncing to a linux box.

Everything works fine when i am going from a relative path on drive C.. but i need to rsync from another hdd in my windows box, drive d.

When i run the above line rsync moans that "the source and destination cannot both be remote ".

How can i get rsync to look at a directory on drive d?

The same line from a folder in drive c works fine:

rsync -avz /test

On a mac the 2nd hdd is mounted through Volumes and the rsync can access the files through that, is there anything similar in windows?

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If you are using a cygwin version of rsync then you probably should be able to use the /cygdrive/ folder. A drive with the letter D would be seen in cygwin as /cygdrive/d.

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Thnaks :) that was exactly what i was after – John Jul 25 '14 at 1:07

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