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I want to use a Powershell script to install Application Server on a windows 2012 server. When using the wizard, it prompts for you to select a certificate (for WS-Atomic Transactions) from the local machine store (or generate a self-signed one, or assign one later). Can I specify a certificate when running something similar to the following?

Install-WindowsFeature -Name Application-Server -IncludeAllSubFeature -IncludeManagementTools -ComputerName $svrName -Credential $credential

Or is there a powershell script to associate a cert after the fact?

If I'm already binding a SSL certificate to the default web site in IIS for https, do I even need to associate the cert with WS-AT?

Note: I'm generating certs with the Get-Certificate cmdlet, so getting hold of the cert isn't a problem:

$x = Get-Certificate etc...
$cert = $x.Certificate
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