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I'm looking through the AWS Marketplace and Community AMI's to launch an instance on my newly registered free tier on Amazon. I'm very confused by the advertising of what's included in the free tier vs what offered in the AMI store.

For instance:

  • The AWS documentation and store seem selling the t2.micro instances for the free tier (t1.micro is the "older-generation" and is grayed out)
  • The t2.micro instance only supports HVM virtualization
  • Under "Quick Start" for Launching an Instance, if I choose "Free Tier only" there's only one Ubuntu option: 14.04 LTS with PV virtualization ... not compatible with the t2.micro instace type.
  • I found other instances on Ubuntu's AMI locator. When I follow the link, I am able to selct t2.micro and it says "free tier" (I'm guessing for the instance type, not the OS). But when I search for the AMI by its ID (e.g. ami-09b4b74c), it says nothing about the free tier.

I feel like I'm crazy, going in circles. Do the community AMI's qualify for the free tier? I've seen conflicting info about it. Say they don't. Why would the only free tier eligible Ubuntu image not be compatible with the only instance type I can get on the free tier?

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t2.micro instances can only be HVM, while older t1.micro instances can only be PV. Whichever the AMI supports dictates which instance types will be available.

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Yes, I agree. But that doesn't sort out any of the confusion about the free tier stuff. The free tier instance only supports HVM, but the free tier AMIs (linux) are only built for PV. See the problem? – tralston Jul 29 '14 at 17:55
The old ones are. You'll have to wait for new ones to be built, or build/convert your own AMIs. – Michael Hampton Jul 29 '14 at 18:03

See to find the correct Ubuntu image for your region. For t2.micro, scroll to the bottom of the table, select your region, HVM, and EBS.

The Ubuntu 14.04 LTS HVM EBS AMI ID for us-east-1 as of today is: ami-9aaa1cf2

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The Ubuntu HVM AMIs are out now, it is ami-0307d674 and they are marked as free tier.

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