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I need to verify that we are still with in our licence limits for public IM connectivity in Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007. Is there a way to report on which users have the PIC enabled on their account?

I see there are some schema extensions in AD related to other OCS settings, but I do not see one for PIC (unless it is encoded in msrtcsip-optionflags).

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After some more research, I found the answer to my questions. The PIC settings are stored in the msrtcsip-optionflags field in Active Directory. The options are listed on this page, and public IM is option 0x1.

I put together the following Powershell script to get the user count (it uses Quest's snap-in):

$users = Get-QADuser -LdapFilter '(msrtcsip-primaryuseraddress=*)' -IncludedProperties "msrtcsip-options" -SizeLimit 0
[System.Collections.ArrayList] $picList = new-object System.Collections.ArrayList
foreach ($user in $users)
    if ($user["msrtcsip-optionflags"] % 2 -eq 1)
        $picList.Add($user) |out-null
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