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Didn't know where to ask this question, if someone can point me out the correct place, i'll be grateful

I will be grateful, if someone will be able to help me with the following, I have around 200 snom300 in the company connected to Asterisk 1.8, (firmware

Now the problem is as follows:

Once dialing to some number (before send key) from speaker (on the first line) and I receive a call at the same time (on the second line), Now the outgoing call is going out fine since I have always_show_active_call "on", I can hear, through speaker, the call being processed and I see a led on the second line flashes, If I'm picking up the handset before someone answered my call on the first line, the call gets disconnected and the phone answers second line

It's quite strange behavior, since a lot of representatives starting to call on speaker and once they hear first ringback, that call is being processed, they are picking handset in order not to desturb other peaople in the room,

And it's quite problematic if you have incoming calls as well, the representative want to go on with the outgoing call, because the incoming call will be answered by someone else at the callcenter.

If I'm getting the call for instance and I don't want to answer it nor reject, I'm trying to activate second line, I can hear second line being activated on the speaker, but once I'm picking the handset I'm answering the incoming call, Even though I was on another line and logically I should hear it once picking up the handset,

Does anyone saw this problem before or maybe anyone know how to fix it?

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