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We currently face a huge problem and we hope you can help us.

We have two systems (Dynamics CRM 2013) on two different servers, both use SQL Server 2012.

One on our dev server the other on our live server. The dev instance is simply a recovery from a backup of our live system which has encryption enabled.

Unfortunately the vm of our live system crashed horribly and there's no way to recover the system. However we still have our backups of course.

But here comes the problem - We restored the backup from yesterday but it just won't accept our password. So we can't take control over the encryption feature and also can't disable it anymore. So we assume the key got changed or lost.

When we try it on our dev server it still works as it should, but unfortunately it's already some months old, so we can't just use a copy of that system.

Is there any way to recover an encryption key or somehow disable the encryption again (even if we lose some data)?

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There is a key/cert in the master database that is used to secure the database keys/certs. You must tranfer/recover that before per database keys will work. Somebody should have kept a copy of the certificate file and the private key file when setting up or changing encryption on the production server. (msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff773063.aspx) –  Brian Aug 6 '14 at 12:52

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