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1st of all the disclaimer: this is my very first "meeting" with .htaccess, and I'm not a sysadm, never was, but the guy in the neighborhood, who used to set up the machine.

So now I have to set up one friends cgi (pyblosxom) based site (on freehostia).

I have a directory tree like this:

mysite (path on freehostia is: /home/www/sitename)

My problem: I want to redirect all incoming request to (the root, and if possible and ) to .

Could someone explain how to do that? All my tries lead to infinite redirections.

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Try to put in a .htaccess file in the mysite directory :

RedirectMatch ^/$
RedirectMatch ^/data/
RedirectMatch ^/pybloxsom-installation/

it might not work if your hosting provider doesn't allow it.

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Problem solved, thank You very much! – Zsolt Botykai Sep 4 '09 at 11:32

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