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I need to mass disable interfaces on windows machines (more than 100 machines). I tried using:

netsh interface set "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" disable

But it does not work. (I found an article describing that it works on win 2003 server). I can run commands remotely with psexec.

Do you have any hints?

Thanks in advance!

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It might be helpful if you were more specific than "does not work" by including an error message. You could also include a link to the article you mentioned. – Dennis Williamson Sep 3 '09 at 16:33

It may be that you need another "interface" keyword and "disabled" instead of "disable":

netsh interface set interface "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" disabled
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Disabling LAN interfaces with netsh doeas not work on Windows XP. The help shows following:

admin   - whether the interface should be enabled (non-LAN only)
connect - whtether to connect the interface (non-LAN only)
newname - new name for the interface (LAN only)
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