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I have a pfSense configured with two Internet links for broadband load balancing.

One of these links block outgoing traffic on 25 port (WAN1). I have a mail server (IP that should use the gateway of the internet without blocking (WAN2) when the destination port is 25 (SMTP).

We can do this setup with pfSense?

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It seems that you've figured this out already, but the way to do that is through firewall rules with a specific gateway chosen. In pfSense and in general, this is called Policy Based Routing or Policy Routing, so try searching for those terms if you have specific issues.

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I created the following firewall rule (Firewall > Rules) before the rule of the loadbalancer gateway:

Protocol: * Source: Port: * Destination: * Port: 25 (SMTP) Gateway: WAN2_GW

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