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OpenLDAP PAM authen does not support SSHA?

Hi everyone,

Now, I lost one day to figure out, the reason my FreeBSD10 can not authenticate SSH user via LDAP because pam_ldap and nss_ldap do not support SSHA password when OpenLDAP support SSHA method.

I have checked /usr/local/etc/ldap.conf, they just have these pam_password methods: clear, crypt, nds, racf, ad, exop. So, If I switch to CRYPT, I can authenticate successfully.

So, IMHO, I will be very appreciative for any point or suggestion from everyone to make my FreeBSD10 PAM support SSHA, is there any way or can not?

Infor: Ldap Server (389 DS - Centos) - Ldap client (FreeBSD10)

  • what I have got: authen via Ldap between Centos - Centos (Okie). Centos (Ldap Server) - FreeBSD failed (work if I using crypt)

Thank and BR


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