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We are monitoring several Windows Server 2012 R2 VMs running on Hyper-V. Now SCOM (2012 R2 UR2) reports:

The threshold for the Logical Disk\Avg. Disk sec/Transfer performance counter has been exceeded.

This alert is raised if the counter value "Avg. Disk sec/Transfer" is greater than 0.04 on 15 samples. This corresponds in our case to a duration of 15 minutes.

I am suspecting this to be a false alert. There has been a bug in the past where calling the function RegQueryValueEx() on W2008 SCOM-clients returned false data (

Now I am wondering if there are any similar issues or known bugs that apply to W2012 R2? Google did not help here. Any input or experience on this? Thanks in advance.


After double checking the values it turns out that they are getting correctly reported.

Big question: What is the best-practice or recommended threshold value for a virtual machine regarding this counter? Microsoft recommendes this value not to exceed 0.04. Is this applicable to VM as well?

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This is not a false alert. It shows disc latency in excess of 40ms. Whether or not that is a PROBLEM is your definition - and you should adjust things. Acceptable disc latency really depends on whether the systems get too slow and it is a broad topic and one that has to be defined by you.

On secondary VMs I accept 50 or even 100ms at times, on my main database servers 5ms is a problem (hence they run on SSD).

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