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I've asked this over at stackoverflow and at technet without an answer so I thought I'd try here...

Using either PowerShell or some C# magic how can I:

A) Identify a volume drive letter that is Storage Spaces Tiered Storage. (I.E. D:)

B) Identify what Tiered Storage Pools that volume is using.

In the Server Manager -> Storage Pools GUI under Virtual Disks, if I right click on a virtual disk and click properties it says Storage Tiers: Enabled and it lists the drive letter. If someone knows how to get that, that would answer A)

However, I see nothing that indicates what Storage Tier is associated with that volume.

Get-Volume doesn't return anything useful other than drive letters.

Get-StorageTier shows some useful information but nothing to indicate the volumes they are being used on.

Get-StoragePool doesn't seem to help.

Get-VirtualDisk showing the virtual volume with the friendly name however it doesn't indicate if it's tiered or not, or the associated tier or a drive letter.

Hopefully someone here can help?

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I hope you did not crosspost this message to stackoverflow as well as here. If so, please delete the one on stackoverflow...or visa versa. –  mdpc Aug 27 '14 at 4:51

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