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Followed the instructions here:

Installed OpsCenter on m3.large. When launching an instance, I get this error:

Error: Start stage failed: Failed to start node [ip]: Timed out waiting for Cassandra to start.

The log on the individual server is: (line 235) Directory /mnt/cassandra/data doesn't exist (line 239) Has no permission to create /mnt/cassandra/data directory

What do I need to do to let it have the permission? I use a key/secret pair that have all rights on AWS to generate more nodes.

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Perhaps if you create the directory /mnt/cassandra/data for it, as root, then chown it to the user that Cassandra is running as.

Alternatively, are you sure it's mounted correctly? (stuff in /mnt tends to be remote mounts)

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Manually creating the directory+chown and restarting the service on each new node works, thanks. Any idea why I have to create it myself? Shouldn't it just have the permissions? – elado Aug 28 '14 at 16:40
I dunno. I didn't actually know the answer, just made an educated guess. ;) – Tom O'Connor Aug 29 '14 at 10:19

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