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I am running Samba 4 as an AD Server. Everything works fine, beside the members of a group is not listed by getent group:

# getent group
LOCAL\Enterprise Read-Only Domain Controllers:*:3000040:
LOCAL\Domain Admins:*:512:
LOCAL\Domain Users:*:513:
LOCAL\Domain Guests:*:3000012:
LOCAL\Domain Computers:*:3000018:
LOCAL\Domain Controllers:*:3000034:
LOCAL\Schema Admins:*:3000007:
LOCAL\Enterprise Admins:*:3000006:
LOCAL\Group Policy Creator Owners:*:3000004:
LOCAL\Read-Only Domain Controllers:*:3000041:

but they are listed by the id tool:

$ id Administrator
uid=3000000(LOCAL\Administrator) gid=513(LOCAL\Domain Users) \
    groups=513(LOCAL\Domain Users),3000004(LOCAL\Group Policy Creator \
    Owners),3000006(LOCAL\Enterprise Admins),512(LOCAL\Domain \
    Admins),3000007(LOCAL\Schema Admins)

I need this to set group permissions in the smb.conf. I need this, because setting the rights with windows explorer on the share itself does not work. And I would also like to use these groups in the linux system itself.

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have you tried with getent passwd Administrator? – c4f4t0r Sep 1 '14 at 19:02
That works as expected: LOCAL\Administrator:*:3000000:513::/home/LOCAL/Administrator:/bin/false – ribx Sep 1 '14 at 22:49

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