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I see that mysql replication can synchronize from sybase, but can sybase replication server write to and read from sybase? I'm trying to figure out a migration path of a big old legacy sybase system lots of little applications to mysql and figure I can move the newer apps sooner than the older ones so I want to be able to use both and have sybase replication do the synchronizing. Is this possible?

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No, the Sybase replication server only works between Sybase instances.

Golden Gate software has an excellent solution for real time inter-database replication. You can set it up to bi-replicate, so that changes on each side are propagated.

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Sybase replication server can replicate between Sybase, MS SQL, Oracle and DB2. It doesn't look like it can do MYSQL.

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Sybase Replicaton Server can replicate between Sybase and MySQL. You just need to use the MSSS function class when installing Replication Server.

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